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Privacy Policy of TIOS – Mobile App

The Tios app is designed to be used in conjunction with the TIOS application software ( within a manufacturing environment. The mobile app adds barcode scanning and biometric confirmation capabilities to existing Tios transactions. The TIOS application allows users to scan common 1d & 2d barcode formats used in the Medical device and Pharmaceutical industries. Mobile devices using this app must register their device on the Tios database via a QRCODE before scanning will be permitted. The app also caters for users confirming transactions biometrically rather than scanning their badges (which can be lost or stolen). Users must register their fingerprint with Tios before biometric confirmation allowed.

Application Features

  • Mobile devices are registered with Tios via a QRCode only available to logged on users.
  • Mobile app will allow users to swap between 1d and 2d barcode scanning via build in menu option.
  • If biometric confirmation required then user has option to register their print via mobile app and confirm transactions biometrically in Tios.
  • Mobile app will request user's permission for the following actions:

  • CAMERA : TIOS application is requesting permissions to access the camera for scanning of barcodes.
  • FINGERPRINT SCAN : TIOS application is requesting permissions to access the Fingerprint hardware to provide transaction confirmation.
  • ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE : TIOS application is requesting this permissions to access the network and wifi state.