your 1st step in building
shop floor transactions
from the bottom up.

Shop Floor Automation

Tios was designed for use on the shop floor. ERP systems tend to be “all things” to “all people” and inevitably there are times when the system cannot do what is required. It may be simple things like backing out a prior booking made in error or switching production printers when the main printer runs out of toner. However trivial these issues may sound – they can cause factory down time which results in lost revenue. Helpdesks are designed for logging issues so that they can be evaluated and re-directed to the appropriate resource. Unfortunately this can be a slow process and time is money.
Tios transactions can be configured to perform whatever task is required to move things along. So in our example above we could provide the shop floor worker with a tios transaction to reverse out a prior work order operation or to swap users over to a backup printer. Tios effectively empowers the user to fix recurring issues as they happen. This eliminates the need for helpdesk tickets and factory down time.
Transactions can be easily created to resolve such issues or for the automation of previously manual tasks. Every Tios transactions is capable of being run as either a barcoded transaction or key entry thus ensuring that your barcoded processing does not deviate from the manually keyed transactions. A Tios app is available to convert your smart phone into a barcode scanner and/or biometric scanner. So if you are looking for shop floor automation you need to take a closer look at Tios.