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Biometric Confirmation

Security requirements vary dramatically across different industries. For many companies it is critical that every transaction associated with a manufactured lot can be traced back to a specific date, time, employee and workstation where the transaction took place. Many companies achieve this by requesting the user to confirm their identity by scanning their barcoded badge Id which is linked to their employee number. This will work, but what if the user has lost their badge, or it has been stolen or if a user who has forgotten their badge uses another user’s badge to confirm the transaction. Biometric confirmation can address these concerns by ensuring that only the user that is currently transacting, can confirm the transaction. Tios provides a free app which can be downloaded from:

Download IOS version of Tios app


Download Android version of Tios app

Users can register their biometrics with the Tios app and then perform transaction confirmation by fingerprint identification on their smartphone. Tios will allow specific transactions to be configured as requiring biometric confirmation, therefore ensuring that any sensitive transactions can only be confirmed by the authorized user on a pre-registered smartphone.