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Smartphone barcode scanner

Barcode scanning has been in place for many years across all industries and allows for speedy , accurate and secure transactions to be processed. We are used to scanning both 1D & 2D barcodes for the receipt of raw materials to the completion of finished goods. However , the cost of RF scanners can be prohibitive and the transactions processed through these RF scanners tend to be “clunky” with text cut back to a few characters and unforgiving. Often barcoding applications are written by third party companies who are tasked with replicating the logic of an existing ERP system process. However as processes change , often the barcoding system fails to keep up and you start getting deviations in your processes depending on whether the transaction was scanned or keyed. Sound familiar ! Tios get around these issues by allowing the one transaction to be both scanned or keyed thus ensuring that there can be no deviations. Tios provides a free app which can be downloaded to your smartphone from:

Download IOS version of Tios app


Download Android version of Tios app

The Tios app utilizes the camera on the user’s mobile phone to scan both 1D and 2D barcodes. Once the app has been downloaded to the users smartphone then the user will be be able to register their smartphone with Tios. This will enable the user to use their smartphone as a standalone scanner as long as they have a wireless connection to the internet. All Tios transactions are fully prompted in the 1st language on the logged on user ensuring that the user knows exactly what they are being asked to scan.