your 1st step in building
shop floor transactions
from the bottom up.

ERP Solution

What business process is your current ERP system unable to handle ? If are reading this then the chances are that you are searching for solutions for some business process within your enterprise. Tios is not designed to perform specific tasks, it is designed to perform ANY task.


Tios is a cloud based BRMS (Business rules management system) self-service portal which allows users to build their own transactions. Think of it as a jigsaw where each piece that you slot into place contains powerful pre-defined keywords. Combining these keywords along with conditional if-then-else, execute, goto statements and variables that you can define as you build the transaction, you can quickly define the precise logic that a transaction is to execute. The key features of Tios transactions are:

  • Each transaction has a unique transaction name on the transaction header file
  • Transactions lines are grouped under the transaction name in the Transaction master file
  • Transactions lines are sequenced in the order which they are to be executed
  • Transactions lines can be defined as Input,Output,Decision,Logic,Tag or Menu lines
  • Variables are defined and populated via inbuilt keywords
  • powerful inbuilt connection strings allow Tios to seamlessly retrieve and update data across multiple platforms
  • Transactions can be made available to outside processes via the self-service portal
  • Transactions can be dumped to spreadsheet to be reviewed/amended

So your single transaction can process data from multiple databases and display/report/update the results wherever you specify. Perfect in today’s environment of distributed databases. You will never find a 100% , out of the box, solution to your ERP business requirements , so why not build your own transactions that are a 100% match. The process of building Tios transactions is similar to how a business would define their business enterprise rules and so you have the added benefit of having your business rules , not only visible, but actually defined as data and running your transactions as opposed to traditional software where the rules are wrapped up in an .exe and invisible to the business. In my experience the greatest value of Tios has to be it’s ability to empower users to take ownership of day to day business issues that affect them rather than relying on a helpdesk process which often involves significant production downtime. As a self-service portal you can also open up transactions to outside processes and have an external vendor or enterprise update your database directly. So if you are in the market for solutions, take a closer look at Tios.